The District Music Contest was hosted at Heartland this year on April 21 & 22. Thursday, April 21 was when the small group and solo performances took place. Friday performances were then for large groups.

Judges score performances 1-5 on various categories then combine the total which results in an overall score of Division I, II, III, IV, or V. A Division I score is the best score you can receive.

Small Group Results:

Brass Choir - I

Saxophone Choir - I

Flute Choir - I

Clarinet Choir - I

Small Vocal Ensemble - I

  • Morgan, Jozie, Dravin, Chase

Vocal Duet - II

  • Morgan, Jozie

Percussion Ensemble - III

Soloist Results:

Morgan White - I

  • Outstanding Performance Award

Kole Svec - I

Rebecca Krupicka - I

Dravin Birkes - I

Braden Capek - I

7-12 Concert Band: I

  • We were one of only two schools to receive a “I” from all three judges.

Congratulations to all the students for their outstanding performances! I am very proud of the hard work they’ve put in all semester and the results of their efforts!