The fifth graders have been busy this 1st quarter. We have started our new Math curriculum which has been challenging in all the right ways! They have learned how to divide and are continuing to practice this skill. Some of us have a love-hate relationship with long division, but they are continuing to work hard and improve. They are also working hard to have their multiplication facts mastered! Along with that, we are currently finishing up our science experiment. Each group received a car that they had to make travel the furthest with an egg inside of their car. They had to meet certain criteria with their car and were given constraints as well. They received 2 straws, 2 balloons, and only a foot of masking tape. I had many groups begging for more tape! They did awesome with this and were able to understand the importance of brainstorming and readjusting their ideas throughout the trials. It was great to see their creativity come out during this project!