Basketball fans,

 This fall the boys and girls basketball team will be selling Exeter-Milligan gear through Fan Cloth. The online store opens today and will close October 22nd, so you have two weeks to purchase your items. The link to the store is at the bottom of the page. Members of the boys and girls basketball team will receive an email or text (with the link attached) that can be shared with any Exeter-Milligan fans. Feel free to share this link via social media, email, or text. The players will receive incentives for selling certain amounts, so as you purchase on the team account make sure to type in the basketball player's name that you choose to support. The students will also be bringing home a brochure for this year’s Fan Cloth campaign. Feel free to share this as well. I encourage you to read over all the materials and familiarize yourself with this great program. The more exposure the better! All orders sold on behalf of the students will ship directly to their customers' personal addresses respectively. Again, the last day to purchase items is Friday, October 22nd. Thanks for supporting Exeter-Milligan basketball! If you have any questions please contact me at: